Our Work

The basic test for the work c4g will do is that it should contribute to the sustainability of rural areas. We will not take on work which would reduce the sustainability of rural areas.

Sustainability, of course, is a broad topic. This is reflected in the scope of my teaching and consultancy work to date. c4g can help with big thinking on rural sustainability, rural strategy and spatial planning, rural transport, rural economies and diversification, rural housing, highly sustainable / innovative rural development, sustainability in National Parks and other protected landscapes. Above all, I’m a geographer, and so try to understand the whole picture, not just parts of it.

You can look at my current CV here, which includes the most significant projects I have worked on.

The use of sound evidence, and original thinking, have been and will continue to be central to my work. I am skilled and experienced in analysis of large data sets and GIS manipulation and mapping. Whilst at LUC I led the work which first micro-mapped 2001 travel to work patterns, and that which uncovered the detail of rural housing affordability in 2006, challenging the Treasury’s false assumption that affordability problems were largely urban.

The challenge if achieving rural sustainability is so great that we cannot shrink from tough conclusions. Straight talking can inspire as well as upset.

A good summary of my work is this article from Town and Country Planning, March 2007. This has been published in TCPM too. Further published and unpublished articles will be added to this site over time.

Please get in touch if you think c4g might help you. If we can’t we will try and direct you to someone who can.

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